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Who am I? Where did I come from?
The philosophical quest continues…

(A beautiful verse from Rig Veda that tries to analyze creation so rationally and humbly that it doesn’t contradict science even to this day.)

In the beginning
There was neither existence nor nonexistence,
Neither sky nor heaven beyond …

That One breathed, without breath,
By his own breathless power.

The first born was the Creative Will,
The primordial seed of the mind.
All else followed.
The sages, searching for the truth within themselves,
Discovered the eternal bond between the seen and unseen.
This bond was an endless line stretched across the heavens.
What was above?
What was below?
Primal seeds were sprouting, mighty forces were moving;
Pulsation from below, pure energy above.

Who here knows? Who can say for sure? …
When it began and from where it came-this creation?
The gods came afterwards
So who really knows?

From where this creation came,
By what means it was formed,
Only He who watches from the highest heaven knows
or perhaps even He does not know!

[quote(s) / poem(s) n° 3007: Rig Veda

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, most ancient of the Vedic collections of hymns, considered the Hindus most sacred scripture., Hinduism

Rig Veda, Book X, 129]


Written by iNKV

March 31, 2006 at 16:20

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  1. been a long time since i have logged in , r u in bit now,

    and btw has the chaitanya bug bitten u , rig veda and all….

    kk kishore

    June 17, 2006 at 09:01

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