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When ur really down n out, u feel like u need to be inspired.
like u need to look up, and see an image of you as you see yourself, as you want to be.
i see a guy called Steve Jobs.
once going thru google i came upon’s Steve’s resume .
and later his address to the graduating class of 2005 at Stanford University.
Which a Hummer driving senior of mine, who preaches that
he knows not how to pretend (No se fingir) reminded me off at 3 in the morning.
Timing ,eh?
Still felt like these things deserve a place here.
like when u see some quote and really feel what it means, the urge strikes you to note it down inyour diary or something so that u can relish that feeling again.
maybe its reassuarance.
maybe comprehension.
maybe an epiphany.
or maybe its the pathetic dal fry the mess guy screwed up.
whatever it is, its more than a gut feeling.
its like accounting for your actions and feelings to the only person worth answering to – yourself.

Suchintya, while he was here recently mentioned an idea that he (& now, I) incorporated as a new habit.
Termed a Reader’s Shelf, it consists of buying a book that you have read or may not ahave read, and keeping it on your shelf.NOT lending it to the milling crowds that swarm thru ur door incessantly begging for movies/songs/books to borrow, and probably never return.
nada. not this time folks. The purpose of this shelf is to have the books there when u want to read them for exactly the reason u bought them in the first place. because you like to read them.

there was another quote i saw on the fms brochure which goes like

every morning a gazelle wakes up , it knows that it must run faster than the fastest lion
every morning a lion wales up, it knows it must run faster than the slowest gazelle
but no matter who you are
when the dawn breaks , you better be running.

(thanks for the original quote to kkkishore)

now, thanks to the reservation issues, i wonder if there is any reservation for the general category.

I remember the gist of what Alfred P. Dolittle says in My Fair Lady when he turns up at Professor Higgin’s house try to coax a few pounds out of the man.it went something like being a part of the undeserving minority.a part of that hapless crowd who dont have voice’s demanding justice for them in the courts.the undeserving minority, who have every right to everything as anone else, but dont get anthing, whether or not they work for it, being a different metaphysical issue altogether.
hmm. sometimes, thinking over things can make ideas come out looking completely different. renewed, reprocessed and presented from a totally different perspective.

Well, whatever.

There’s this thing i have been trying to comprehend. bout phrases that stick to the roof of your mouth and launch themselves at unwary people at the least expected moment. as for reasons, let’s not start on that issue, shall we?

Don’t Know Don’t Care.
Oh Well! What The Hell!
You talking to me?
Cogito Ergo Sum
T H i N K
Comet Nosce.
What Do You Care What Other’s Think?
Et Scientia

and the biggest one….

n i a n e m.
that’s one word that keeps convoluting itself transfroming, vanishing and reappearing in various mutilated forms in my head all the time.

maybe it’s sorta hangover or something. like stuff u read or see that just get sleft behind. chewing gum found under the cinema seat.Unexplicable. unavoidable. unreasonable.

hmmm.what to say..
except perhaps,

Who is John Galt?

Written by iNKV

June 21, 2006 at 22:46

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