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I Should Write This

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Something tells me that I should not bother writing this.
Someone just told me otherwise.

Oh Well, What The Hell.

It’s Been a Hard Day’s Night alright.That much is for sure.
Woke up at 6 am, to see how The Sikander Ansari Episode develops.
Reached the passport office after half an hour of torturous waiting in the rain for the morning bus, and 6 (YES, SIX!) changes of transportation. only to wait there and find that I’m too early at 9:30 am. Got frustrated and started logging the entry times of the staff at the office.
(only staffers were allowed to enter)
<did i just call them staffers?>
It went something like this:

09:38 Two guys on a bike
09:48 The Passport Officer arrives in his Amby
09:52 Another Guy on a bike
09:54 A Ma’am walks in
09:58 Yet another guy on a bike
10:03 A Guy on a scooter
10:04 A Guy on an Atlas Bicycle
10:05 A Ma’am on a moped
10:07 Two Guys walk in
10:09 A guy walks in, walks out, then in again
10:15 The Doors open for us commoners

Note that the security guard was actually unchaining and chaining the gate every single time until now.

10:30 I am allowed into the Passport Officer’s Office.

He takes one perfunctory look at my passport, another at me, then drones to the peon: mumble gumble jumble slurmble gagzooka bleargh. Next, he asks me to give an application as if it is just another compliant. I mean no reaction, nothing. Like it’s everyday that he has an application for a mismatched passport with someone else’s photo n sign on it. Nevertheless, I comply and jot down an application, and ask him for some form of acknowledgment receipt that he has accepted the surrendered passport. He looks at me like i have uttered a curse in Swahili (which I havent btw) and asks, simply – “Acknowledgement? for what? U have the receipt of the application form right? You never got YOUR passport. We’ll correct it and send it in a week MOST LIKELY.” Those two words. not good. still, i thank him n leave.

11:00 Exit Passport office

On to the regular joint for a sandwich n burger-like substance on my way back to college via the noon bus. on the way to the bus, I manage to acquire from my (again) regular book-nook, ten books weighing in at just over 3 kilo’s, which have no distant relation with the scrap of paper our professors refer to as syllabus.

13:00 Get Off The Bus

Sorry, I missed the part about the13 sad deaths I died while sleeping standing up in the way-too-overcrowded bus. Reach college 15 minutes too late for a lecture that I haven’t attended this month. At all.
Exchange pleasantries and curses with a friend in Hyderabad over the phone while draining the Gatorade bottle that’s supposed to be my lunch.

Now comes the fun part.
I go for the second lecture, only this time I miss the roll call amongst the chatter that indicates my general location in a class. I stand up to request attendance , and when asked why I didn’t answer the first time, I simply quip that he wasn’t audible back here where i was sitting. That’s it. somehow that’s very funny, and the class loses it’s calm demeanour and I, my attendance. sigh. Have to skip the next lecture for a chore I needed to run. The errande stretches to 4:30 pm, and I manage to squeeze in half a dozen trips to the canteen area and a nice long debate on “Atrociousness” into this period while waiting.

17:00 Errand deferred to next working day

Next thing I now, I’m helping some friends to set up the Personal Adress System for no good reason that I can think of, followed by addressing a batch of freshers about the pro’s and con’s of joining a technical club. all this gets too much for both the near-100 strong fresher’s group and me, so i start off an impromptu quiz. soon, it’s past the girl’s in-time (18:30 hours) and I still going on about god-knows-what shoe brand started by a Czech that had a near monopoly over the Indian Shoe market for quite some time in the past .
(BATA, if you must know)

20:00 Evicted from the lecture hall

The peon in-charge of closing up the lecture made up his mind and did the needful at 8 sharp and we moved en masse to the coffee stall at the Inner Co-Op stores(IC for short). Juniors leave, realizing they missed snacks and are now starving.More bakar with the guy who had got the thing together, which continues into a discussion about everything and ends an hour later in the hostel.

21:00 Drift off to H IV

Not the virus, the hostel where I used to stay until recently, when they decided that my bathing schedule (daily) was in violation of the hostel average (weekly/monthly). hang around playing cs, chatting up, and drifting off to sleep waiting for midnight to arrive so that I can wish a friend happy birthday.

Doze off, wake up, wish the guy, inhale way too much secondary smoke, head out to my hostel to clear my head, call up a second new born 24 yr old in cal, wish him happy birthday.

01:00 Reach my Hostel

Call up a 19-yr month old and chat to the end of my phone’s credit limit, ending in a hazy good night.

02:00 Blogger : The Crazy Diamond – Create Post : I Should Write This

Type this thoroughly pointless post, still wondering why I’m up at 2 am typing gibberish when I have a lecture in 7 hours.

Hmmm. I do have a point there.

Good night and Good luck.
Now playing: Poets of the Fall – Late Goodbye

Written by iNKV

August 16, 2007 at 21:15

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  1. hi… first of all, the post was not at all gibberish, I liked it :)

    secondly.. wish your passport issue gets resolved soon.

    and third – dude, you know, how to use your time well… doing some of the most crazy things… keep it up..

    good luck



    August 17, 2007 at 14:33

  2. Change from every day mundaneness? Nice post :)


    August 17, 2007 at 15:16

  3. @cinderella:
    Thnx.This is nowhere even close to the real crzy stuff that actually happens. keep reading for more :-)

    thnx. change from mundane? nah.
    long overdue updation? yeah.
    I ended up missing that lecture 7 hours later thnx to oversleeping, so decided to use the time.

    I Am Nikhil

    August 17, 2007 at 15:42

  4. Hey !

    sup wid yer Pport, yO?!??

    wy dontcha hit off sum mailz to dat Pazport Offiza thru deir website?

    Worked fer me when ma Pport Renewal took jus’ 7 months TOo Long !!!

    Gandhi / Annamalai / Ranga

    August 18, 2007 at 06:39

  5. Didnt I tell u that plastic surgery was a cheaper, less time consuming and safer way of addressing ur passport woes Mr. Ansari??
    btw, jus correct me if i’m wrong, but didnt i turn 20 last month?? Pls let me knw soon, coz then even i have to queue up in front of the passport office to get my date of birth corrected.

    Preyoshi Ganguly

    August 18, 2007 at 08:47

  6. @rangasha:
    will try that too. let the one week the office asked me to wait for expire

    a>you didnt answer the questions i sent back ur way abt the surgery.
    b>20? really? in which calender system?

    I Am Nikhil

    August 18, 2007 at 12:18

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