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Am currently locked out of Blogger thanks to an imperfectly working Filtering solution at my college…
which is banning Youtube as porn but letting me access this link on Playboy. (lucky for me i'm afoot to nothing bad)
talk  about a sense of humour.
as a result i have to mail my posts to blogger with little or no hope of editing them for a while now…

something a friend said a lil while ago, as in a few minutes ago… felt like jotting it down.

Peace i leave with you,
My peace i give unto you
Not as the world giveth
I give unto you
Let Not your heart be troubled,
Neither let it be afraid

felt a sort of disappointed epiphany tonight.
carpe diem.
seen in a new light.
albeit thanks to Dilbert's Law, which is already semi-hallowed to me.
let's see where this leads.
to seeing things in a new light of hope.
or wallowing in a new darkness of despair.
am sounding too frim.
guess that sugar high is wearing off.
time to finish The Golem's Eye

c ya arnd
Now playing:
Norther – Last Breath

Nikhil Kumar Verma
I Am.


Written by iNKV

September 11, 2007 at 18:57

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