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sometimes all you need to wake up to things around is a rude awakening
such as being asked what you have really achieved.
forcing you into trying to find the bright side of your history as it is.
making sense of what has gone by and seeing it for what its worth in light of the lessons learnt, and things lost and gained.

now this push that i speak of.it can help you over the edge of the cliff.
however,what happens after that is totally upto you.
whether you soar out into the open skies, to fly like you always did.
missing the ground as Zaphod puts it.
or rushing headlong to meet it and end it all.
a hair's breadth of difference.
the most delicate balance.
like all things amazing and beautiful, chaos and destruction lies just yonder of order and creation.

and yet the choice has to be made. running, hiding, walking on the razor's edge, no matter how exhilarating, is not an option.
time to take control.
funny that it should today of all days.

a day of days
september 18

what do you care what others think.
know thyself.
it's about time.
4 am on a tuesday morning, two days away from last waking disorientation, and i'm finding news to be funny. i mean, if i were to really get plugged in to the internet, and start writing everything that i think and feel about whats going, i'd soon be sprouting roots and branches (in the strictly non computer sense. or maybe not).

How Computers Transformed Baby Boomers

"Newsweek's Steven Levy takes a look at how the baby boomer generation formed our tech landscape . Many of the realities boomers grew up with are today's metaphors, including cut-and-paste, the origin of which the 56-year-old Levy had to explain to 20-something Google employees. Levy cites two texts as crucial in pushing the boomers' vision toward power-to-the-people computing — Ted Nelson's Computer Lib/Dream Machines, which inspired Mitch Kapor, and the January 1975 Popular Electronics, which got Bill Gates jazzed. You kids might want to check out Dad's bookshelf — used copies of Computer Lib are going for $130-$225 at Amazon."

so this is what got william henry gates the third all buzzed.and they call me a nerd. not that i dislike that.

these on the other hand seem much more interesting somehow.
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September 17, 2007 at 23:09

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