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i remember being awake at 4 am on the 18th cause i had a paper that day.
the next thing i remember is getting into bed at 4 am today morning as the alarm clock rang.and then the alarm clock ringing and waking me up.
12 hours of sleep.
no dreams no sensation no tiredness no bodyache no wery bloated eyes no longing for slumber.nothing.
cant remember the last time i felt this alive.
hmmm. talk about doing things weridly.

i think i had last woken up on the 16th evening at about 4 pm.so that ought to make this 84 hour non stop. 3 and a half days. followed by half a day fo sleep.that approximates to about 3 hours of sleep daily for four days.the obvious disadvantage might be the almost dead zombie mode you end up in after walking around sleep deprived after about 72 hours of sleep deprivation.and if you happen to be a chap like me, who can sleep in doubledigit hour bursts with unnerving regularity, then you have the undead mode for you. zombie just aint good enough.its the stoned undead ghost who walks.

ok so maybe all this funny stuff has addled whatever there is inside my head. hmmm.let's see what effect it has had on my crappy (absent) gaming skills. adios.

16:20 hours
listening to the sound of the fan whirring real fast

Written by iNKV

September 20, 2007 at 16:14

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