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the lads who went forth – 23rd September 2007

“A day of days'” is seeming to become the ubiquitous title for most of my days theses days. may be its just something in the wind. or in the water. or maybe the windy rains. whatever. seems like its getting harder to er dampen my spirits in this wet weather. maybe thats what they mean by being in you element. the travel travail being described here is one helluva long walking affair. about 7 kms of walking in 5 or so hours, combined with a sumptous meal and a dash of hedonistic pleasure. actually, it was just a trip to the only ‘_-star’ hotel in the town/ city/ whatever ranchi is to be called, for the sole purpose of a breakfast buffet. the plan was hatched rather unexpectedly while enjoying a nice cup of hot chocolate fudge in the comfort of my room, and teasing another less unfortunate individual by telling her exactly what it was that she was missing. breakfast buffet at capitol hill on sunday morning. one innocent line. and our doom pronounced.

so it is to be. seven hours, two lemon teas and another cup of hot fudge later, we are two clean bathed dressed up gentlemen on our way to a nice sunday breakfast. at 0530 hrs. at 2 km walk followed, all the way to NH-33 which managed to get us the amazing experience of being driven forward by the wind blowing into our umbrellas. i mean it has to be something if it can account for the propulsion of a heavily clad pachyderm. about half an hour of walking and having your jeans completely drenched does get your digestive juices flowing rather well.

so at 6 am,we managed to hitch a ride on a passing interstate bus to the theater located in the town where we got off the bus without loosing any significant appendages. from there it was another ridiculous walk against the raging wind n rain to the destination for which we had set out. at 6:50 am, we entered the lobby of the hotel. one pair of jeans, one thick cotton jacket and my sweatshirt completely soaked. did i mention my socks were already squishy? and to top it all, we were early. it turns out that afraid to end up late for the buffet n miss it altogether, we had ended up arriving before they were ready for us.

so 15 minutes were spent taking photographs in the fashion of tourists of the place which we have frequented one time too many.this coupled with conjectures concerning the kind of reaction the trip might provoke from the faint hearted company known to inhabit our neighbouring rooms in the hostels helped count away those agonising minutes without succumbing to the raging digestive juice currents n the belly growls.time for a little recapitulation before launching away at the buffet table. it was a sunday. no one in their right minds got up on a sunday. so we had observed that honourable hostel tradition. by not sleeping.buffet breakfast consists of real, appetizing food. that actually had a taste of its own. and hence is reverrred by us hostel-vasis. respect. hence a day of fasting had been observed to make sure that the slightly over priced meal turned out to be value for money for the perenially broke students.

and the finishing touch to the details.there was a statewide bandh declared by the MCC(not the Malgudi Cricket Club), an organisation which got away with pretty much what it wanted in east india. the occasion was supposed to be something we didnt try bothering to understand.back to the table now. 0730 to 0930 was spent enjoying the first meal in the last 36 hours. you see breakfast at the hostel is normally skipped for the infinitely more pleasurable extra 15 minutes of slumber before heading to the daily drudgery of daily lectures. if we manage to get aware of the time before lunchtime that is. i’ll save myself from more unnecessarily hurled objects from the readers by skipping the fine details of the meal.

now came the second goal of the journey. the complete details of this secondary goal are left to the readers interest (which is doubtable considering the title of the story : The Underwear Escapade). since the shops in ranchi only open at about 10:30 am on sundays, we had another hour to kill before we can be on our way again. so off to the hair salon for a much needed haircut and a much sought head massage. my partner in crime, after about 3 whole minutes of convincing and cajoling gives into to getting the same package. at the end of 30 minutes, two beaming creatures resembling civilized humans, totally unlike the one who had entered the establishment leave it with a look of relaxed contentment writ large across their features.

a solemn pledge is taken to repeat this ritual at fortnightly intervals, followed by a lengthy discussion pertaining to why females enjoy combining salon visits with their shopping adventures. however, the detour has still not completely met our expectations. the two guys are reduced to standing outside the entrance of the only half decent store,taking a headcount of the employees as they arrive for the weekend’s share of shovelling around with dumb faces in the store, with no clue as to where the object you are seeking might be. at 10:45, we are finally allowed in, our now dry umbrellas and backpacks checked into the baggage area. now starts fulfillment of goal, which shall not be detailed here, to save content for another separate parallel tale.the adventure at the shop is completed with only 3 individual embarassments, and a trip to the nike store in the nighbouring arcade. at 11:30, we headed down the main road again, on to the trekker stand to the only available transport back to the college.now,this was supposed to be the part where we sat back and enjoyed digesting the meal. alas, it was not to be.

what the trekker trip ended up being was a 16 km trip that took over an hour while learning the art of packing two dozen human beings into an amazing configuration in a vehicle that is meant to carry 10 people and possibly some luggage.and this is discounting the people who just grapple on the rear and the overhead-rack travellers. finally, at noon, two things stumble out of this marvel of engineering and wait for circulation to resume to the leg-like appendages sticking out of our torsos. that took 10 long minutes and a ridiculous and stupid looking dance routine.after making complete nincompoops of themselves, the two morons walked the three odd km back to the confines of their hostel rooms. soaked to the last garment they wore, they showered & changed (in that order) and retreated to a nice peaceful slumber.

That’s about it – an average weekend breakfast trip for this zogland-er, who has been certified unanimously as a clinical case. albiet one who happens to be a certified foodie.


Written by iNKV

October 6, 2007 at 02:40

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  1. Sometimes, try English for a change!!


    October 6, 2007 at 21:03

  2. get a life dude…
    and i agree with ujjwal..
    for once.. please try to make some sense


    October 7, 2007 at 11:38

  3. Foodie my foot. This comes from someone who has “no time” to eat.
    I thought this was a perfectly coherent post in English though :)


    October 7, 2007 at 13:44

  4. @Ujjwal
    ok… so what part of this was’nt English?
    get a life? dude.. seriously. u changed that much? this doesnt approach waking up the cook at the oc at 3 am to have french fries. no sir, not by a mile…
    in view of your tuesday condemnation, I swear not to miss a meal. n thanks for the support. though i still dont get what other language i used… Zlogrian? dont these people read watterson?

    I Am Nikhil

    October 7, 2007 at 14:01

  5. hmmm…no sarcastic comments for u..n next tim u plan such an outrageously odd trip..do gimme a tinkle..my no. is.99..u hv it anyway rit??lol..but m serious..
    nic post..
    english it ws.
    i dont read watterson stil i think i did undrstnd it..mayb cuz i tk things at facevalue thts y..anyway..a seemingly incl of hg2g..exclusion of d same wud ve further dignified n improved ur articles status.

    live well n prosper!


    October 7, 2007 at 16:51

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