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Sunday Bloody Sunday

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Sabbath seems to be the most tiring day recently. lets see what transpired these last 3 weekends:
2 weeks past : a really long breakfast trip that i already covered in English yesterday.
1 week past : a lone wolf quiz in the college that i had to conduct
today : a 7 km stroll that lasted 6 hours n culminated in an aching ear, hoarse throat, a honey gobbling spree & the possible beginning of a sunday morning quiz league named The Roosters, that is to roost at 6 am every sunday at the Outer Canteen of BIT Mesra.

anyway, apart from the irrevocable brain damage caused, today's trip got a conversation started that one of the involved parties was kind enuf to forward, n i'm bored enough to print here. so here's to Sunday Bloody Sunday.

The conversation was between Zlogrian : Z and His Hugeness : HH. the two other beings mentioned in the conversation are my not so humble self : referred to as Hathi and another morning stroller/jogger/quizzer : Shrill.btw, the count stands at 37 officially now. thats the number of people who have asked the question.

Why does His Hugeness call you Hathi?

why indeed? any answers my dear friend? anyway. on to the conversation.

8:41 PM HH: so i hear you and hathi are planning morning quiz club meetings!

8:42 PM Z: yes, and where did you hear that from?
8:43 PM the rooster quiz, in tribute to the rooster that sat on the oc fence this morning and screeched as we hatched the idea. bless his soul for he is now mess dinner. 8:47 PM HH: i have my sources
and that reminds me
i forgot to take the dinner coupon
8:49 PM Z: tehehehe
8:50 PM sources… you some secret agent?
8:51 PM HH: not everybody who has sources is a secret agent dearie
its called cultivationg the right contacts to get the right info
8:52 PM Z: wow! BIT sure has taught you to be wily
anyway, would you be game for something like that?
8:54 PM HH: actually i was always wily
a veritable snake in the grass
8:55 PM as for me…i wont be able to attend any of the meetings as sunday mornings for me mean mock CAT tests
but you guys can go ahead with it
8:56 PM Z: we are talking early mornings, and cat gets over sometime in november, after which you dont have an excuse
HH : a very commendable initiative from a self avowed non quizzer (as you told me some 5 times during the lone wolf quiz)
8:57 PM actually the mba entrance tests are till january
Z: yes, im not a quizzer, but one league is better than no league, and BIT is not likely to see many leagues
HH: after which i would certainkly like to come
Z: ok, go ahead, managerhead of the future
you will be welcome anytime
8:58 PM after all, who is a better quizzer than you?
HH: but then again i would,as a voice of reason,like to advise you to chose a less inhospitable time than sunday mornings
8:59 PM that has a very simple answer- hathi
9:01 PM but then again if hathi and you are organising it voices of reason would tend to be drowned out

6 minutes
9:08 PM Z: 3 alarm clocks and you wont have a problem with sunday mornings
HH: trust me I will
9:09 PM american idiot playing on my comp has trouble waking me
but anyways thats yr call
Z: well, Shrill, Hathi and I met at the oc today, and we think its a fine idea
9:10 PM HH: and it is
all i have a beef with is the timing
Z: thank you, and you are welcome anytime
tehehe, suggest a better time then?

9:11 PM HH : as i said sunday mornings are a horrible time to be doing anything(and that includes quizzing or for that matter taking mock cats)
saturday aftrenoons perhaps?
9:12 PM Z : its the best time, everyone is free, weather is fine,
HH: or sunday afternoons for that matter
Z: people are too busy then
will tell the others to consider that
HH: well then keep it a bit late
Z: but what if people want to go to town? then afternoons is out of the question
HH: certainly not early mornings
9:13 PM well you cant please everybody
Z: haha, you need to get into a health regime, start now
HH: as i said its hardly a prob with me – as it i wont be coming till next semester
9:14 PM but you've gotta think about the majority
and the majority don't go for early mornings jogs (or turn vegan!)
so there
9:16 PM Z: ok, will reconsider, but bit shortens my day considerably, as of now, sunday morning remains free
9:20 PM you leave for the mock cat at 9, the rooster quiz is at 6-7

5 minutes
9:26 PM HH: 6!
you expect me to get up at 5 :30 on a sunday morning!
9:27 PM you vile woman
Z: dont get up
HH: god will punish you for dishonoring th day of sabbath
9:28 PM dont get up?
how else do you propose i come for the 'rooster quizzers'?
Z: yes, you dont want to
HH : see i again go back to the point
i want to
9:29 PM but not at those godforsaken times
anyways its your, shrill's and hathi's call
so make a decision
and publicise it
i'll help however i can
9:30 PM i kinda gotta go now
so ta ta
Z: thank you, great altruism on your part
9:31 PM HH : i know…i've been a real good chap at heart for quite a long time now
anyways cya
let's see what ultimately transpires of this idea.
and i promised a cousin ill post the questions to the lone wolf on my blog. so here : Prelims
PS: For some reason Z's system is on GMT+8… hence the time is weird.. coz i'm typing this at 2000 hrs.
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October 7, 2007 at 15:05

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  1. oone’s wakin mey up 5:30 in sunday mornin for no rooster quize or a cheap skate wommunn i tell ya bro! *takes a deep drag* no’n worse than wakin up 5 in the mornin! heheheheh!


    October 9, 2007 at 04:10

  2. Ha……….
    There was a rupee for every {crazy} idea dat u get, i’d be a rich man… n probably buy out the whole of BIT n sold it to u for half a buck(SMALL PRINT: a BUCK IS WORTH AN AMOUNT TO BE DECIDED BY BOTH THE CONNIVING PARTIES!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ne way… the OC is too far for me to drag my A$$ up too… hell i need real inspiration to just go the the bathroom to take a $|-||T n a bath… btw I hav reasearched a lot bout the TAG “Hathi”….
    Hope u write bout it in ur nxt blog ntry….
    Till then THiNK{so dat u reamin busy} n Stay Foolish N Stay Hungry ( so that pple can eat n win Quiz’s)


    October 11, 2007 at 16:15

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