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There are the times when i sit and slowly let off the steam, give vent to that cold anger writhing instead of me like a twisted serpents. there are times like that. and there are times like these. when i sit and smile. and bask in the glory of my happiness. like when i come home to a simple hot lunch made by mom. like when i meet dad after a long time. like when i take a nice long walk in the cold listening to a track i adore. like when i see a kid smiling. like when i sit in a bookstore with a dumb smile on my face.yes.this is one of those times. I Smile.It’s been a while since i wrote about what has been going on inside of this cramped space people refer to as my head.time enough. the year’s almost ended. a new one stands at the door beckoning. with promises of surprises and hope. and i sit here at 1 am, after having watched another of my midnight movies wondering about it. thinking abou the things that make me happy and how much they matter to me.honestly, the world can go climb a tree for all i care at the moment. while this lasts, itfeels good. it feels right. it feels like home.and yes, i am enjoying at home.this is a vacation. and calvin is living it, and loving it. boing boing.

Written by iNKV

December 21, 2007 at 20:23

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