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written sometime during the brief winter vacation at ahmedabad

i remember. i remember being scandalised to learn that kunki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi is still running.i mean, heck, i was in school when that used to come on the telly.i was seated,somehow in the front seat of my maruti 800, and heard something in the passing on the radio to the soap opera. dad confirmed this shocking news, with a laugh at my shocked face, mouth hanging open n all. only to jerk out of his reverie a moment later as an oncoming guy on a motorcycle was tackled headon by a pair of sheep chasing each other on the street. talk about shaken but not stirred. the guy literally quivered, looked around, and continued talking on his phone and drove off, one hand on the steering and the other holding the phone.people. had a nice peaceful night yesternight.after a pot of pasta, eaten with chopsticks to make sure i don;t gobble it down, and a nice mug of evening joe, i launched myself off to bed a mere 2 hours after sundown. looks like i’m never gonna be able to finish reading Snow at this rate.woke up at 3 and went walking / running / jogging / panting / walking in that specific order.then, sat down to a movie, tea & biscuits at 4 am, till 6 when bed tea was served to mom & dad. waiting for dad to wake up and hand me the keys to the poor car so that i can go trash it. just been waiting 5 hours now.god save the pedestrians.poor souls.which reminds me. what is one supposed to do when strangers mail you asking for guidance and help, without ever alluding to the details of why they seek your counsel?as i said earlier, people.

Listening to: Poets Of The Fall – Sleep

Written by iNKV

January 3, 2008 at 19:52

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