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i have no clue. that’s in answer to the title. honestly. it’s 2 am, or sumthing like that.
i’m not in my room. the owner of the room is dead on his bed, with the lights on, resigned to me being stuck to the computer screen.literally.trying to figure out what to do for two upcoming dates in April. trying to make this dull throbbing 10 pound monster in my head work. Lesson Number One: do not play Diablo AND Diablo II in a single go and miss 4 consecutive meals in the process. Lesson Number Two : the fact that i have to spell this out means i aint gonna bother following it. Lesson Number Three : get your espresso machine back, or get caffeine pills(yes they exist.)

just a thought: i am actually sleep deprived, food deprived, eyes bloodshot, still recovering from watching AVP 2 (i dunno why i did that, i just did.) not to mention the last 4 days of marathon five-movie-a-day session. i might be going nuts. finally. at long last. five years in this place and it’s finally happening. I dont give a rat’s ass any more. not that i ever did, but this is new. this rambling at length with no sense whatsoever. i shall desist now. (desist. is that a word, even?)
dk dc lc.

shall continue rambling in a more lucid state of mind.


Written by iNKV

April 2, 2008 at 21:10

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