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enough lamenting and putting off the inevitable. you gotta do what you gotta do. so atleast let’s get on with clearing the cache of drafts that were, well, drafted. so enough time spent staring at the picture of that simply great tasting half litre drink in front of you.cause it aint available for within a range of thousand miles and 90000 seconds from here and now. so, as i was aptly saying. let’s get on with it.

this was written before arriving in the state of Jharkhand, aboard that wonderous thing that shuttles me between the national and state capital in one piece with amazing regularity every 3 or so odd months

  • Bought two books, which i aint supposed to. Thus the hiatus from buying books is finally ended. Funny that the books should be The Everest Hotel & The 3 Mistakes of My Life.
  • Have a runny nose, have had enough fluids, sadly they have been all ice cold.
  • Have also released enough fluids through my epidermis for the entire week’s worth.
  • Have enjoyed talking nonchalantly as I orbited CP thrice with nothing to do. Thank network providers for bringing STD and roaming into the comfy zone at long last.
  • Read Corridor by Sarnath Banerjee. This is where Digital Dutta apparently is introduced into this universe. Need to go and find the Jehangir Rangoonwala, the bookseller who sits in CP and tokes up, and is knowledgeable of all things inane. Moving to delhi, even if only for the two months of training, seems to have its prospects seeming nice right now.
  • Made these random notes on the way:

Tom Holt / The Split Infinitive / Digital Dutta / Jehangir Rangoonwala / Ibn Batuta

  • Alex Steinwess : The inventor of cover art for recorded music : 1938
  • Saw the Jhoomo ad for the Delhi Metro Citi card. Liked it.
  • Screw Spicjet for splitting the seam on my bag, and screw me for not checking it before exiting the airport. now i gotta haul the overloaded bag around clutching it to my chest like im a goddamn idiot looking for a place to blow up.

cut to the next day, after a long night spent in a train coach with the most overzealous AC i have ever encountered.

cramped on the side upper berth. if you have sumone you want to lovingly release your angst upon, and have some cash to spare, book em on one of these seats on a train journey thats over 2 days long. justice shall be served.cold and cramped. oh and its especially recommended for all species that reach 180 cm or more from ground level. so. another train journey behind me. spent discussing the aesthetics of movies, downloading blah blah blah. The usual stuff, only overlaid with a very serious dose of graphic novels etc.

MPB says I was headed down the path to doomed destruction anyway. She just happened along and speeded the journey up ever so slightly. Like the very useful sister in the sandman, appearing on cue, working perfectly by suggestion, then disappearing instatnly, leaving behind only the sound of her wings. Departing.

anyway, spent most of the time back home running around to get a BSNL line installed and broadband up and running on it.
(as of noon, June 6th 2008, it works!) that, and getting my broken laptop back into one single piece, and fiddling around with the other phones and the virgin ThinkPad. am i a spoilt brat? the answer is irrelevant. hmmm.
dunno why Adrian Veldt just popped into my mind. that’s a darn funny idea. from here to there. what would it take to become Ozymandias? wonder wonder wonder. have spent more time studying this week than i have done for the rest of the year that’s gone past. guess there’s some justice in that, all things said and done.

one thing i dont get tho :

why isn’t TCS good enough for anyone? why the what next question everytime? why why why?
whatever happened to revelling in mediocrity? is that still legal?

Written by iNKV

June 6, 2008 at 16:10

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  1. when did i say you were headed down the path to destruction? Do you mean insanity? haha. you were always insane.


    June 6, 2008 at 18:46

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