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True, its a drag getting out of bed. Especially when you had just closed your eyes as the clock struck 2 am. 5.30 am is not supposed to be a good time for people with nocturnal habits. Good time to go to bed. Bad Bad time to get out of it. Nevertheless, considering the water scarcity, its better to get your daily affairs dealt with while the water still flows from the tap. And it does have its rewards. Getting up early I mean, not the other bit. Well of course that too has it salient features to but I’m not going into that here.

Sitting on the terrace, the warm sun warming my face and soothing my twice dead eyes. Watching majestic raptors swoop around on the lower lawns. Seven of them. It’s like the group decide to put on an early morning air-show for my benefit. I ain’t quite sure if they are kites or eagles, but I’ll hazard a guess they are the former. One retires every now and then to go sit atop the spire on the main dome of the Institute. The bird’s antics, together with the lush green lawns that are soaked n fresh from the last two day’s downpour make getting up totally worth it. Now for some coffee to make it perfect. If only the Hoggers were here to go to an early morning breakfast with, it would have be Heaven itself.

Funny, that the best times we had have had were spent thinking of the outside and now that they are on the outside, they pine away for this place. The Rabbi put it nicely, when he said something to the effect that he lives on the fence, thus having access to both sides and finds both side green. No need for comparison et al.hmmm.

The same old story everywhere. Rang De Basanti. DJ quipping to Sue about how the world danced to his tune inside of the campus walls, and how he would be dancing to the world’s tune outside. Hence the preference to stay in. Tim Lakh Lakh Tim Tim Lakh Lakh.

Well, the birds have taken off, and while I don’t exactly come in their weight category, I must try and do the same. Time to fly.

The Eagles are coming

The Return of the King, J.R.R. Tolkien

Written by iNKV

June 9, 2008 at 01:15

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  1. When the first eagle/kite/raptor swoops down over your head, it’s ok to be amazed. when the second one follows suit, it’s time to check your hair and get the hell out of there. No one likes having breakfast served off the top of their heads. Especially not green caterpillars whose journey to the top of your head are way too complex to explain in the wee hours of morning. Good Day

    I Am Nikhil

    June 9, 2008 at 01:57

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