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austria-hungary. schengenland. hows that for a waking thought. destination europe.time period 380 days. the rest of the details, they ain’t fuzzy. they just don’t exist. plain and simple. waking life is a dream controlled i guess. haven’t had a good morning for quite sometime now. guess when you manage to hit rock-bottom for a long stretch everything has to start looking up after a certain point. like how you can see the stars even in daytime from the bottom of a really deep well. or so they see. i have not yet managed to land myself at the bottom of one, and swear to get back and report if its true. time for the coffee, and bryan adams. i think the last time i heard that in the morning was over 5 years.good times.also it’s time i shut down my laptop for a while. cuker has been running this whole last week.

i got my motor running,
famous driving,
i never planned to stay,
you know its now or never getaway.
nobody lives for ever.
we’re only waiting just to make our getaway.


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What we achieve inwardly will  change outer reality. Plutarch
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Temple of The Sun, Rainbow

Written by iNKV

July 2, 2008 at 05:30

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