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I sit here in a dark room listening to Freddie Mercury sing about love and death and excess. I sit here remembering, or at least trying to, the days gone by. I sit here trying to rid myself of this god-awful headache that refuses to leave me alone, the remnant of three days of an excruciatingly irritating sniveling cold that wont lemme study, sleep or read anything of consequence. That has me eyes savaged into dull orbs that look more pink than white or a murky shade of brown. The small victory in managing without coffee seems to be hollow. I sit here. And wonder, nodding my head to the beats of the song that fills the room, repeatedly using the backspace to correct typos thanks to not bothering with looking at the keyboard. Which just happens to be rather pointless in the dark of the room.
It has been long. Really really long, since I felt so, hmmm. How do you say this , vacant?
I sit here, only to realise that i had fallen asleep on my computer again while writing the last few lines, and today apparently a new day. I sit here, having finally succumbed to my cravings, enjoying a tumbler of hot joe, along with melted dark chocolate from Flury’s (thanks to a kind junior). I sit here listen to Roger Waters wail from the bottom of his heart on one of the Bootleg Tapes. I sit here, having just heard my mom cry tears of joy, upon receiving the gifts I have sent her and dad. I sit here, enjoying my day, with about 3 odd hours to go before the NC Examinations commence, and I get grilled to a rare crisp. Oh Well, what the hell, like a give a banana about that anyway. this is now, and now feels good. :)


Written by iNKV

August 26, 2008 at 05:38

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