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While going through my papers recently, I realised that as usual, the Shit Magnet had struck again. By the rather crude choice of words, I refer to how I continually manage to find myself in seemingly funny situations. Like getting issued a new passport with someone else’s photo and signature in place of mine. or having the lace from my right sneaker stolen from outside of the auditorium where I happened to be attending a quiz. (It was at this really innovative place you see, where they have pretty comfortable woven mats & cushions laid out for a ground seating arrangement.  Definitely worth a visit, but preferrably with cheaper footwear).

Coming back from the habitual deviation, I found my birth certificate. in place of a name, it simply says  

Yes. I too think that resemble’s a hyphen. So I ask my parents how I managed to pull off this feat, and am told that Daddy was in a hurry after my namegiving ceremony at my maternal grandparent’s house, and consequently, no one ever got around to doing anything about my missing name. Mom, being her usual fun self,  suggested that now I never need to think up a pseudonym.Instead, just translate the ‘official’ name into another language.
So, this is hyphen saying a big hi to the odd soul who managed to wander here. In case of a total lack of anything better to do, you could also call me any one of these wyrd names :
 وصل بواصلة  מקף   maqaf  minus  dash  bindestrich  trait d’union  guió  тире  crtica  spojovník  bindestreg  koppelteken  gitling  yhdysviiva  tanda  trattino  defise  rašyti su brūkšneliu  bindestrek  łącznik  hífen  cratimă  дефис  цртица  Črtica  guión  дефіс  bindestreck  gạch nối 

Alternatively, go read Hyphen. And yes, I was bored and had plenty of time to spare.

Written by iNKV

November 9, 2008 at 15:17

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