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The Phase

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If the great times didn’t last,
The bad ones won’t either.
Fate spares none,
Not you, me neither.
Every hand in the clock,
Second, minute or hour,
Reaches the top once,
Then drops down far
The one that stays down for long,
For long it rules the top
The one that goes up soon,
Falls down with a single hop
Short- lived are dewdrops on grass,
I’m sure, this phase too will pass.

A New Start

A New Start

Just when you reach the finishing line,
The air gun fires again.
As soon as the sunshine appears,
It’s time again to rain.
When you think you’re nearing death,
You feel you are alive.
While departure is on your mind,
You forget the time to arrive.
Just when you think the war’s over,
In marches another infantry.
While you run towards the exit,
You find another entry.
All that happens,
Leads to a marvelous spectacle,
It doesn’t take much to realize,
All comes in a circle.
As you finish playing a role,
A new one waits on the cards.
Before every End ends,
A new Start starts.

– By Mangalam Maloo


Written by iNKV

January 3, 2009 at 21:26

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