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The following content is an excuse. to post something on the blog which I have been away from too long to mention. And, it was written by mpb on her blog, which shall be linked back the day it returns to the public domain.

on the nature of the mpb

mpb is the most interesting of terms. Intially used to indicate meri pyaari behena (my adorable sister; for you peeps who missed the Hindi class) , it was quickly turned on it’s head and turned to the ambivalent mera pyaar bhai (my adorable brother).

So, the me here is actually MPB, while the MPB is me. Confused? Join the gang :)

Me: so you know the fridge doesn’t work, soo we hadto eat it all up

MPB: you ate the fridge?
Me: dhut no 2 litres of ice cream
Ten minutes later…
MPB: you know you’ve lost it
Me: Weight? How would you know if I’ve lost weight or not? You haven’t seen me in ages
MPB(resigned tone): IT IT…that little thing you once had…
Me (on sugar high from all that ice cream): oh that
Hurray for people who make you stay up till 3 am and research for quizzes and reduce you to giggling fits and give you dark chocolate and talk your ears off. Somewhere down the line, you get a jolt when you realise that the kid grew up and started to not only advice you but keeping a tab on whether you’re doing as he says. I will not be sentimental. I will not give you a Mac for your birthday; neither will I give you all the Murakamis. I would if I had the money, though. But you make me feel that I’m not the only weird one.

here’s to weirdness. and staying a tad insane. always.


Written by iNKV

June 15, 2009 at 00:53

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  1. who is the “me” here?

    The Digitizor

    June 15, 2009 at 01:21

  2. me=the mpb in question. read the explanation above.


    June 15, 2009 at 01:24

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