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The Long Satisfying Weekend

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This was tapped out on my phone early sunday morning while riding the local back home from Dadar station. Was enjoying the sunday too much to post it any earlier :)
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It started late one thursday evening, and it is yet to finish and be done with. Leaving office early to grab a bite at the mall, heading on to shamiana shorts with King (90 enjoyable minutes of shorts and such), not being allowed into High Spirits despite a high and happy disposition for want of a female at one’s arm.

Next came a lengthy leisurely stroll, totally ignoring the presence of traffic on the roads and signals as they passed by unnoticed. The theme of the talk during the talk consisted of physics, objects of desire(gals and gadgets alike) and all things xkcd. A brief halt was made at German Bakery, where a guy who seemed to own the place helped me out with the sweet options available to us pure vegetarians, sworn off eggs even in baked goods. chocolate in 3 forms &ice cold fresh fruit salad is what transpired into. The King  of course floated off to a different place in his head while ravishing two monster servings of truthful chocolate.

Duly refreshed, the tall duo armed with a couple of camp of drinks ventured forth with lengthy strides towards the awesome campus of COEP. and reached the place a long while later and sauntered around the campus, led by a straw mutt. At 12.30 am. Interesting was a word that sprung to their minds as they tried to figure the purpose and working of what seemed to be a wind tunnel in front of the high voltage laboratory.finally, about 35 odd minutes later, the two parted ways after a brief 5 minutes spent on the kerb (literally) musing on the nature of life and roads.

And thus ended Thursday, with the swapping of the Neo Freerunner with Android onboard. friday began at noon, with me being slightly tired from all the walking and oversleeping just to be cautious. Office lasted 3 brief hours, after which all the true and sincere sparrows loaded themselves onto a bus (very noisily i must add) and made their way to Fort Jadhavgarh. The heritage fort hotel asks this of all who visit : ladh, jhagadh, aage badh. After 9 long hours of loud and insane revelry, the twittering bunch returned to their cozy nests.

And that was Friday. Saturday was reserved for Social Media, and going to BlogCampPune2. The whole experienced was summed up by one @thakkar : 6’4″ and 140 kgs of fun that has enough momentum, even when not moving. All those who heard him out for the last 100 minutes were bound to secrecy under the pain of death. So, we moved on to catch an evening show of hangover at inox with an old pal. The makers of the movie definitely had much more than just a hangover it seemed. It was a neat bucketload of fun though in retrospect. Not more, not less. One exact bucketfull. Similar to the one used to cover the transponder of the gynormous satellite dish at the All India Radio office at Shivajinagar, Pune. Probably their way of signalling their readiness to the rain gods by that pink plastic action.

So, after some intense body sculpting with an awesome oversized sizzler, and a Cad B at Kalyani Nagar (that’s a chocolate milk shake made from real Bitter Dark Chocolate. Minus the milk :-) ), I decided to hop onto the first available volvo to mumbai, reach dadar, and am currently homeward bound on the 01:21 borivali slow for some cool chilling at home with Ze Folks. Catch ya on the flipside of a long satisfying weekend. Cheerio.


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June 29, 2009 at 11:29

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  1. @thakkar : 6′4″ and 140 kgs of fun that has enough momentum, even when not moving. Nothing can describe thakker better then this line.

    I enjoyed every movement @ blog camp pune it was pure fun and after a long time, i was among geek’s and geek’s of all kind.

    A lot of geek talk made me feel homely….

    Anant Shrivastava

    June 29, 2009 at 12:25

  2. What’s ‘truthful chocolate’?


    July 9, 2009 at 16:36

  3. Very good post. Hope to read even more great posts in the future.

    rockwell sonicrafter

    May 17, 2010 at 08:26

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