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[TinyLetter News] Darn it, sorry if you got that last email a bazillion times

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Philip Kaplan’s mail after the anouncement newsletter about Mailchimp acquiring TinyLetter sort of exploded.


So, the email I just sent about upcoming TinyLetter improvements — including the future move to MailChimp’s excellent email infrastructure — got bungled and went out multiple times to some people.

Not sure if that’s ironic or not.

But anyway, that issue is being fixed. By email professionals.

I’m really sorry for the inbox overload. And embarrassed. And I wasn’t sure if sending this follow up makes the problem better or worse. But I figured an apology was in order. So. Sorry.

Philip from TinyLetter

PS- Yes, for those who remember, this happened once before. DAG NABBIT.

PPS- In the ultimate irony, this problem has never happened when any regular user sends a newsletter. It somehow has only happened when TinyLetter, Inc. sends a newsletter. wtf right?

PPPS- Hopefully the move to MailChimp’s back-end will be done sooon.

PPPPS- Sorry again.

PPPPPS- Last time this happened, I sent a similar follow, and people seemed to appreciate it, which is why I’m sending this one, even though I know it just results in more email.

PPPPPPS- Hug me.


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September 6, 2011 at 15:15

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